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Our mission is to apply Scanning Probe Technologies to demanding applications and environments.

Since the introduction of the True VT-STM (atomic resolution imaging during temperature ramps) we have introduced various products and custom SPM solutions.

Examples are: integration of SPM’s in custom systems and applications, development of SPM’s that are compatible with various external stimuli, allowing experiments at extreme temperature, pressures or during chemical reactions, during growth, in UHV, liquid etc.


  • Turn-key system for heterogeneous catalysis research
  • UHV to >10 bar
  • RT to 570 K (1000 K)
  • Flow Reactor (volume 0.5 ml)
  • In-line gas analysis

Study the surface at nano-scale inside a flow reactor!

Atomic force microscopy at 100 bar

The HPHT-AFM is a contact mode atomic force microscope developed for nanoscale imaging under very demanding conditions relevant to the fields of geology, mining, oil recovery etc.

The system allows to measure (large) samples in a (salt) water solution under pressures ranging from 1 to 100 bar and temperatures up to 150 degrees Celcius.

100 bar

150 °C



The LPM Variable Temperature STM allows the operator to change the temperature in-situ , so during scanning over an atomically resolved area. This can even be done whilst scanning at speeds beyond 1 ms per scan line. The unique specs make that the VT-STM the perfect instrument to reveal dynamic processes: change the temperature by more than 250º and study a single atomically resolved area during CVD, assembly, melting, growth, etc.

STM ++​

Starting from our experience in SPM and surface science, we have successfully developed customized systems with an integrated SPM. This allows in situ, or even operando SPM, eventually combined with other techniques. Examples are:

  • PLD + AFM
  • LT STM + user technology

Custom Projects

From research question to integrated measurement setup

1. Collaboration

2. Design

3. Assembly

4. Installation

5. AfterCare

Fast Control Electronics

Our video-rate SPM controller is designed for optimal performance and optimal access to the signals on many levels.

The high frame-rate not only enables the ‘live’ study of surface dynamics, but also makes SPM-imaging much more comfortable and much less time-consuming. For ‘special’ imaging modes, such as measuring force-distance curves or dI/dV maps, the acquisition time can be strongly reduced. 

The open architecture makes it an ideal development platform for new SPM technologies.