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LPM provides a full solution for PC controlled gas mixing, supply and detection for experiments ranging from mbar pressure up to >20 bar, with extreme time resolution. This includes also aggressive and corrosive gasses such as NO, CO, HCl, H2 and O2. Our in-house developed valve system ensures a small internal volume of the gas system, and minimal dead volume. Our patented in-line sampling system for downstream gas analyses ensures extreme time-resolution at all inlet pressures without the need of replacing components.









T100 Gas Analyzer

The T100 is a benchtop gas analysis system with unique properties:

  • In-line detection by ‘zero volume’ sampling valve
  • Inlet pressure range tunable without process interruption: 0 to 10bar
  • Perfect for extremely low flows
  • Fast response time and time resolution (<100 msec)
  • MS-based detection
  • Economical

For effective removal of Ni-carbonyls from your CO gasflow by thermal decomposition.

100 bar

Optimal Conversion

Gas Handling systems

At LPM we have ample experience in the design and production of gas handling systems for our own and/or third party systems:

  • LPM design ‘zero-dead’ volume mixing valves
  • Small internal volumes
  • Both flow and pressure control
  • Extreme mixing ratios
  • Experience with aggressive media (HCl, H2S + water vapour)
  • Applications: SPM, TEM, CVD, SXR, etc