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Together with users around the globe, we have developed a family of X-ray diffraction and optical chambers, made compatible with various diffractometer stages and the demanding requirements for synchrotron endstations.

We offer standard systems allowing breakthrough research and highly dedicated systems, customized to fit user processes. User results have been communicated in highly ranked journals.

Below we present our standard systems and some examples of custom projects. Feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes.


  • Synchrotron compatible
  • Flow Reactor (volume of 12 cm3)
  • HV – 2 bar
  • RT – 800 K
  • Various window options

SXRD Reactor












  • Synchrotron compatible
  • Flow Reactor (volume of 12 cm3)
  • UHV sample preparation
  • HV – 2 bar
  • RT – 800 K (1200 K)
  • Various window options
  • Online reaction product analysis

Reactors for operando optical techniques

  • High Temperature Reactors (RT to 570 K)
  • Very High Temperature Reactors (RT to >1500K)
  • Flow or batch reactors
  • Transmission or Reflection geometry
  • Various windows (for IR, Raman, Reflectometry, etc.)
  • Full systems including temperature control, gas handling and gas analysis

Custom reactors

In recent years, we have teamed up with research groups to develop reactors with special requirements concerning flow pattern, reactor geometry, dimensions, etc. Examples include:

  • Very low-mass reactor compatible with nano-positioning stages
  • Reactors combining X-ray techniques and optical techniques
  • Reactors compatible with custom sample holders

Contact us to discuss your ideas for a collaboration!

Custom Projects

From research question to integrated measurement setup

1. Collaboration

2. Design

3. Assembly

4. Installation

5. AfterCare