Our products for in situ measurements are applied in various fields. 

Catalysis &
High Pressures

Synchrotron Instrumentation

Low Temperatures


LPM has years of experience in transforming the traditional surface science tools to instruments that allow the study of the samples at the nano-scale while exposed to gasses or liquids. With that, we bridge the gap from UHV to high pressure, up to the extreme situation to 100bar liquid pressure.

We optimized the systems not only to be compatible with the sometimes harsh environments, but also with the development of reactors with in situ (high-pressure) measurements, such as X-Ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy or scanning probe microscopy. 


In order to study thin film and material deposition, LPM can combine deposition techniques with measurement tools such as STM, surface XRD and transmission XRD.


Synchrotron Instrumentation

X-Ray and optical instruments are applied to study the crystal structure, morphology, chemical composition and physical properties of materials. Especially optical studies can be very powerful to acquire relevant information with reasonable effort. We present instruments used for experiments during challenging reactions, temperatures and pressures possibly in combination with other techniques such as CVD and STM.

Low Temperature

Our cryogenic product range is mainly focused on SPM. Having a background from the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratories in Leiden, we have combined our SPM, UHV and Low Temperatures expertise resulting in UHV compatible, low temperature SPM systems. This includes working at 400mK in high magnetic fields and working at varying temperatures. Below we present our VT-STM platform and the custom systems that we have worked on.


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