Scanning Probe Microscopy

X-Ray & Optical techniques

Gas Supply & Analysis

Support Equipment

Custom Projects

LPM provides high-end electronics and gas handling systems alongside our measurement instruments or to complement your existing setup. 

Video-rate Control Electronics

The high frame-rate not only enables the ‘live’ study of surface dynamics, but also makes SPM-imaging much more comfortable and much less time-consuming. For ‘special’ imaging modes, such as measuring force-distance curves or dI/dV maps, the acquisition time can be strongly reduced.

Low-bandwidth Piezo Driver

LPM has developed a high-end driver system that combines extremely low noise levels with a high output power and a large bandwidth. 

The LPM Driver system is a completely modular system which enables custom configuration. The actual Driver modules are located on the front side of a standard 19″ rack, while the net-entry, all required power supplies and the HV-output connectors are located on the rear side.




Low-Noise Preamplifier

Due to a special design and great care in the selection of components, the LPM 600kHz I/V converter is characterised by a combination of a large bandwidth and ultra-low noise. Over the full bandwidth the integrated current noise (RMS) is as low as 100pA. If no high-frequency operation is required, the preamplifier can be flexibly operated as tuneable bandwidht, ultra-los noise preamplifier by using a basic low-pass filter at the output. When filtering at at e.g. 5kHz, the current noise is as low as 1pA (RMS).