Catalysis & High Pressure

Synchrotron Instrumentation

Low Temperatures


CVD Reactor

The CVD reactor is specifically designed to be compatible with in situ characterization of materials in a gas enironment at very high temperatures > 1400K. This makes it not only a perfect match for e.g. monitoring of 2D material growth, but also for imaging processes like corrosion or melting at very high temperatures. 


The LPM Variable Temperature STM allows the operator to change the temperature in-situ , so during scanning over an atomically resolved area. This can even be done whilst scanning at speeds beyond 1 ms per scan line. The unique specs make that the VT-STM the perfect instrument to reveal dynamic processes: change the temperature by more than 250º and study a single atomically resolved area during CVD, assembly, melting, growth, etc.

Custom Projects

From research question to integrated measurement setup

1. Collaboration

2. Design

3. Assembly

4. Installation

5. AfterCare

T100 Gas Analyzer

The T100 is a bench-top real-time gas analysis system. The T100 systems is unique in its capability to handle extremely small process flows over a large range of inlet pressures. Our specially designed sampling valve with minimal internal volume lies at the heart of the T100 system and provides unmatched response time as well as time resolution. Incorporation of our sampling valve in your process flow provides single stage pressure reduction without the need for bypass flows.

Gas Handling systems

At LPM we have ample experience in the design and production of gas handling systems for our own and/or third party systems.